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Call for appointment or grooming information: (619) 659-5898
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Charicature of Robin

I specialize in Hand-Scissoring and Hand Stripping for terriers.


Welcome to my dog house. A few years ago, I moved out of my city shop into the current country location.

The grooming cottage

Adriana Photo by Kit Rodwell Photo shows Adriienne (owned by Linda Scalise and Michael Berry), with judge Marjorie Hansen and professional handler, Joe Waterman. I was delighted to groom Adriana for this event. Please call me about grooming your own show dog.

I Groom all Breeds - Family Pets or Show Dogs.

Savanna - A Golden Retriever - receives the final touches on her grooming session!

Safety and comfort first!

Please bring your dog on a leash, and your cat in a carrier. Do walk your dog before bringing it in, so it can relieve itself. And please pick up after the dog or ask for assistance.

Grooming Includes

Bathing Includes

Nails Clipped Nails Clipped
Ears & Anal Glands Ears & Anal Glands
Clipping Bath
Bath Flea Shampoo
Flea Shampoo Fluff Dry
Fluff Dry  

Prices for Grooming:

Prices may vary depending on size, condition and behavior.

       Dog Grooms 

    Dog Bath

Breed Cost Type Cost
Airdale $60.00 Small $25.00
Bedlington $50.00 Small & Hairy $35.00
Bichon $40.00 Big $35.00
Cockapoo $35.00 Big & Hairy $45.00
Cocker $45.00    
Lhasa Apso $35.00    
   Toy $35.00    
   Mini $35.00    
   Standard $60.00    
Schnauser $35.00    
Scottie $35.00    
Westie $35.00    

Cat Bath




Short Hair $30.00
Long Hair $60.00
Clipping $20.00

Miscellaneous for both dogs and cats

Patterns & Designs $5.00 & up
Medicated Shampoos $5.00 & up
Anal Glands / Ears $8.00 each
De-matting $25.00 per hour
De-skunking $6.00
Nails $10.00-15.00
Nail Grinding $7.00
Nail Polish $5.00

There is no charge for a vinegar or creme rinse.
If muzzling is needed, there will be an additional $10.00 charge
If your dog is heavily infested with fleas or foxtails, there will be an additional charge.
Flea Shampoo only: (Towel Dry, Take Out Wet) is $20.00

Show Grooming

Show grooming requires a consultation, in addition to the normal grooming activities. Fees vary depending on the situation, and start at $100.00. Please call about your requirements.

Long-haired breeds:

Long-haired dogs should have their coats wrapped and changed every week.

Please arrange a consultation for these special services.

Hard-coated breeds:

Special care for hard-coated dogs is provided by hand-stripping the coat to keep it healthy. Once hand-stripped, it requires less maintenance. Bathing may be done less frequently, usually only four to six times a year. For your dog's comfort, please wash it (or make arrangements for us to wash it) two days before your appointment. The hair comes out more easily. If we shampoo the dog on the day of the appointment, the pores will be more open after the stripping, and cause itching.


Use Gold-bond or baby powder on sensitive or pink areas daily for four days. Keep the dog out of the sun for a week to avoid sunburn.


Breed Price
Airdale $140.00
Cairn Terrier $ 80.00
Norfolk or Norwich Terrier $ 80.00
Westie or Scottie $ 85.00
Wired Dachsund $ 65.00
Wired Fox, Welsh or Lakeland $100.00
Wire Jack Russel $ 65.00

Please Note: There is a babysitting charge for pets not picked up by closing time.

Be sure to ask about our pickup and delivery service-- FREE for senior citizens living in the Descanso area.

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